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Gallery of Art of Female Artists, 1700s-1980s

This art gallery allows you to explore European female artist and their work. The Art Gallery was  created by Kaitlyn Capps, Majors: Political Science & Global Studies  (Focus: International Politics, Western Europe), Class of 2019.

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Rosalba Carriera (Italian, 1673-1757)
Angelica Kauffman (Swiss, 1741-1807)
Mary Moser (British, 1744-1819)
Adélaïde Labille-Guiard (French, 1749-1803)
Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun (French, 1755–1842)
Marguerite Gérard (French, 1761-1837)
Rosa Bonheur (French, 1822-1899)
Berthe Morisot (French, 1841-1895)
Elizabeth Southerden Thompson Butler (British, 1846-1933)
Rosa Mayreder (Austrian, 1858-1938)
Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh (Scottish, 1864-1933)
Suzanne Valadon (French, 1865-1938)
Paula Modersohn-Becker (German, 1867-1907)
Käthe Kollwitz (German, 1867-1945)
Sonia Delaunay (French, 1885-1979)
Hannah Höch (German, 1889 – 1978)
Sophie Taeuber-Arp (Swiss, 1889-1943)
Anni Albers (German, 1899–1994)
Louise Bourgeois (French, 1911-2010)
Méret Oppenheim (German-born Swiss, 1913-1985)